Cargo Monterrey is more than a freight forwarder.
We are your complete cross-border e-commerce solution!

We're a project 15 years in the making and we are still innovating to improve the way you do global e-commerce. Our area of expertise is cross-border logistics. You ship to Texas, we ship to Mexico and deliver to Amazon FBA, Mercado Libre, or direct to your buyer's door.


Freight Forwarding at increased speed and reduced rates!

Cargo Monterrey can be your freight forwarding solution for all of your North American business. You can have one consistent logistics partner to facilitate the transportation of your palletized product between locations in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Our experienced team of 3PL professionals offers a fully custom freight forwarding package tailored to your needs. Your needs. Your custom pricing. We understand every product, every marketplace, and every margin is different.

LTL deliveries

Overnight, 2 day, and deferred air freight

International air (priority and deferred)

Ship seamlessly between the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Competitive rates on shipments into and out of Canada and Mexico.

Our trucks cross both borders every day.

Scheduled deliveries to Amazon FBA and Mercado Libre warehouses

Last mile deliveries to your buyer's front door in Mexico

We can pick up your merchandise at your door step in the US and deliver to any address in Mexico.

Warehousing Solutions for Short-Term and Long-Term Plans. Ship your pallet to the US and we'll import it and ship it out to Mexico! We even take care of customs clearance!

Even though the inventory isn't in your warehouse, you are still in control every step of the way! Cargo Monterrey ensures client's stay in touch with their inventory while it is in the warehouse and while it is in transit.

Affordable Pallet Storage (pallet-in/pallet out warehousing)

Receive, store, and ship complete pallets.

Product scans upon arrival

Status change emails

Real time inventory levels

Low Inventory Alerts

Order status

Real time tracking information

Our order fulfillment services are fast, safe, and accurate.

Cargo Monterrey grew to serve more than 400 clients every month due to its attention to detail and cautious execution of each project. No two projects are alike. While we service a lot of clients, we are still a mid-size company with just one level of management. Rest assured a manager and even the owners are monitoring your project.

We specialize in order fulfillment for small and mid-size companies. Whether you ship 100 orders a month or 20,000 orders a month, we will fulfill each order quickly and accurately.

We do this through inventory management, meticulously planned logistics, strategic locations, and constant communication throughout our team.

Enjoy the freedom and the confidence you get when you partner with Cargo Monterrey!

Competitive Rates

Cargo Monterrey offers you the lowest fulfillment costs in the Mexico market. Our business is in volume.

In Mexico, we are one of the largest 3PLs. We've secured deeply discounted shipping alliances with Mexico's most reputable couriers. We pass those savings on to you.

We focus on the operation, not the bluff! We run very lean operations to keep the overhead down. We're in the warehouse business. Our offices are in the warehouses. Don't expect to see fancy office space when you tour any of our facilities. If it isn't essential to our operation, we don't have it!

Faster Shipping at a Lower Cost

Strategic locations in the US and cross into Mexico within 1 business day

Low overhead operations to keep fulfillment costs down

Internal customs clearance team to avoid high 3rd party costs

Partnerships with Fedex, Estafeta, and RedPack in Mexico

What does it cost?

Service fees

8.5% of sales price or $1.00 per unit , whichever is higher

Tariff and custom fees

16% of sales price

Shipping fees

$315 USD per 4' x 4' x 4' pallet up to 500 lbs

This is from Texas to any Amazon FBA warehouse or Mercado Libre center in Mexico. (note* : does not include shipping from your warehouse to our warehouse in Laredo, TX. If you are shipping boxes, not pallets)

Per Package

More Than 10 Packages



For FBM, DTC, or sales delivered directly to your buyer's door, we charge $12 per package to cross the border plus shipping based on weight and dimensions of each package and the destination zip code in Mexico. We will provide you with a pricing chart for each size range and zip code.

How does It works?


Create your sales plan to decide what products you will be sending to Amazon FBA, Mercado Libre Full, or direct to client.


Complete the intake sheet (Cargo Monterrey document) and email it along with your commercial invoice.


We will quote your shipment to include all tariffs, service fees, and shipping from Laredo, TX to Mexico.


Ship your merchandise to our warehouse in Laredo, TX. All products and master cartons must be properly labeled with the product (FNSKU) and carton labels.


Upon receiving your merchandise, we will send you confirmation of receipt, pictures of the pallets as they arrived, and confirm your original quote. Your quote will only change if the merchandise received is in any way different than what was listed on your intake sheet.


Payment is due upon quote confirmation.


We will import merchandise into Mexico as the importer of record.


Upon receipt of merchandise in Mexico, we will email you confirmation of import and pictures of pallets as they arrived in Mexico.


We transport the merchandise to the distribution center designated by Amazon or Mercado Libre or direct to your buyer's door.


Upon completion of delivery, we will email you all documents and confirmations from delivery.


We will issue all facturas requested by buyers on Amazon or Mercado Libre website. A factura is a document issued by a Mexican company to the buyer to make their purchase tax deductible. This is all done with an automated system linked to your seller platform without added work for you!

The import and transport process takes 7-10 business days from the day we receive your merchandise at ourwarehouse in Texas. We will deliver to the designated distribution center 7-10 business days after wereceive your merchandise in Laredo. However, we depend on distribution center availability fordelivery appointments.

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